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Cranberry Pills For Uti

Cranberries are one of nature’s most amazing fruits. They have organic acids like malic acid, catechins, vitamin C, vitamin A, niacin, riboflavin, carotene and a very high amount of antioxidants. All of these beneficial vitamins, minerals and antioxidants come together to provide many different health benefits. Cranberry pills are becoming a very popular natural treatment for UTI (urinary tract infections). (more…)

Cancer Studies With Cranberry Extract

A more convenient alternative to cranberry juice and cranberry fruit is cranberry extract. Cranberry extracts are essentially cranberry pills. They have all the medicinal benefits of the fruit just in pill form, its just a more efficient  way of concentrating all of the material. One of the great benefits of cranberry extract is that it … Continue reading

Men’s Prostate Health Involving Cranberry Powder

Recent studies from the Czech Republic show that women are not the only ones to benefit from cranberries. A recent study, one of the first of this kind, showed that men’s prostate health can benefit from the antioxidants in cranberry. The study consisted of 42 volunteers that received 1500mg of cranberry powder each day for … Continue reading

Azo Cranberry Pills Review

Azo cranberry pills are one of the more popular brands online. As a reminder, the purpose of this site, is to provide honest information on cranberry pills regarding the benefits and ingredients (good or not). I would like to write a positive review on Azo cranberry pills but I cannot. I was reading through the … Continue reading

Cranberry Pills Benefits Weight Loss

Cranberry has a potent amount of natural plant chemicals, vitamins and minerals that are very beneficial to our health. The combination of these materials contributes to maintaining a healthy body weight and weight loss. Cranberry benefits weight loss with the impressive list of natural materials. The combination of all the materials cranberry contains work in … Continue reading

Cranberry Benefits For Skin

We all understand that antioxidants are good for us. They benefit our overall health in a variety of ways and we hear they are good against certain diseases. But most of us don’t know how cranberry benefits our skin. Lets start with how antioxidants work. Free radicals come from a variety of pollutants that are … Continue reading

Cranberry Pills Side Effects

Cranberry in its natural form, is almost always safe without any side effects. Drinking or taking way too much cranberry can cause an upset stomach from the acidity. Cranberries themselves are safe to take during pregnancy and breast feeding. However, if your taking cranberry pills, its wise to check the ingredients as different brands may … Continue reading

Urinary Tract Infection Causes

UTI’s can  happen in both men and women, but that are much more common in women. Unlike the male anatomy, the urinary tract is much closer to the colon in women which makes it much easier to get a UTI. Today we will be discussing urinary tract infection causes. There are two main causes of … Continue reading